Saturday, June 22, 2013

teach your child to read

If you believe that teaching your child to read and helping your child develop proficient reading skills is the key to success in life, and if you wish to help your children develop to their fullest potential... then your must read this message carefully.
Can you really expect your children to learn to read by watching some random words flash on a TV screen? Sure, they might learn to memorize some word shapes, as we found out ourselves, but does the child really acquire the ability to decode and read effectively? Of course not...
 You are the parent and teacher during the most important developmental years of your child's life. For that, you will be rewarded with the greatest experience, and your child will be rewarded with developing the most important skills in life - reading and literacy skills. Through the teaching process outlined in our program, you will stimulate communication skills and intellectual development with your child.any suggestion in this course is welcomed.

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