Saturday, June 22, 2013

help your child speak in everyday activities

This clear and concise eBook will give you powerful techniques to use today and every day to help your child learn to talk.  This eBook goes beyond giving information about normal development and problems that can occur.  This eBook delivers solutions. 
The information in this ebook is also a great tool for all parents, grandparents, other relatives, and early education/ preschool teachers who want to give any young child a boost in speech-language skills.
HOW we say things to young children is as important as WHAT we say.  Some ways of talking are better than others to help a child form a response.  I will teach you those methods which don't come naturally to most parents but feel very natural after being practiced. 
Parents do not cause their children to have delays or disorders in their speech-language development, butparents are the biggest part of the solution.  

Fast Facts

By the age of 2 ½ to 3 years a child typically understands approximately 500 words, expresses approximately 200 words, combines 3 to 4 words in simple sentences, and is about 70% intelligible (understandable). 

If your 2 ½ to 3 year old childisn’t using simple sentences, doesn’t have a reasonable vocabulary to talk about things in her daily life, and/or if she is hard to understand when she talks, this book is for you. 

Earlier milestones include use of first words around the first birthday and use of combinations of words around the second birthday.  If your child does not seem to be close to meeting these milestones, and if he or she does not seem to be understanding what you say, I strongly urge you to order and read my eBook so you can get the information you need to start helping your child. 

At least 10% of young children have real difficulty learning to “crack the code” of language and speech production.  That means that speech-language difficulties are not rare. 

Parents can be proactive by making speech-language stimulation efforts a priority in daily life.  I can help you do that with the information you will gain from my eBook.  I hope you will take that step.

What You Will Gain

How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better In Everyday Activities or Help Your Child Speak is a complete guidebook for parents who want to understand the complex process a child goes through to learn to talk and for parents who want to promote their children’s speech and language development.  It’s for any parent who wants to give a boost to any child.
Written clearly with ample examples, Help Your Child Speak helps parents understand key features of speech and language development.  It explains why some children have difficulty learning to talk.  And it shows the way to blend the use of helpful techniques right into daily life. 
The author emphasizes a technique parents won’t find featured in any other book.  Mary Lou calls her technique the Upside-Down Pyramid™.  In this case, upside-down makes things right-side-up right!  Simple to learn and simple to use, with practice, this method is smart to use all day every day.  Because it is so simple, it’s surprising that most parents don’t just naturally figure it out on their own.  Since most parents don't figure this out on their own, my eBook can guide parents who are ready to learn to become great facilitators of their children's expressive language and speech production.
Whether parents want to learn about speech delay.

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